Tania Jung

Social Pedagogical Director

Social Pedagogical Director @ Rintch Basketball Academy – Belgium

After 5 years of teaching, I have now joined the Rintch Basketball Academy.

I am an English and Dutch teacher based in Brussels. I started my career in Senegal in 2016 where I worked in an American-Senegalese school. My first work experience was priceless. I have learned more in Dakar than anywhere else. That’s why I appreciate the value of traveling and learning from different cultures. I have been teaching in Brussels since 2017. I have experienced two types of schools that had shaped my pedagogical skills. Through the years I could develop new and personalized teaching strategies.

My first mission within the class is to teach linguistics and culture while teaching a new language. That includes lesson plans, team meetings, lots of gradings, cultural exchanges, workshops, class management, and many other tasks.

But my second mission involves the heart and the mind.

Setting a trustworthy and positive atmosphere in the class is essential. When students feel confident and when they understand the purpose of the lesson, they get to work more easily. I once read this quote: “Be the person you needed when you were younger” and it hit me. Being a guide, a helper, an adviser, and a good listener is part of the job.

As Social Pedagogical Director in the Academy, my role is to use sports as a teaching tool. When you arouse students’ interests it drives their motivation and thus their learning.

Creating an effective learning environment helps students understand more clearly and remember more accurately.
According to me, sports is one of the best ways to get to know yourself: you work on your limits, your strengths, and your fears. All those mixed feelings are part of the growing process. That’s why sport is such a powerful tool to use with the youth.