Sylvie Lebouvier

Human Resources Director

Human Resources Director @ Rintch Academy

Professional Career

It is as a mediator and lecturer in cultural institutions that my journey begins before devoting myself more specifically to people and medicine. Support is part of all of my activities in “in vitro fertilization”, end-of-life support, neurodegenerative diseases and non-drug therapies in medical establishments. My role as regional coordinator within the European Institute for Aging Well will allow me to deepen the human factors and begin my certification on mental preparation. Joined by personal and professional performance, I now work for international medical institutions, air and space simulation centres and invest myself in various associations.

RBA & My Motivation

It is with great joy and desire that I have the pleasure of representing RBA as HR Director.

The support and transmission enshrined in an ethics specific to the RBA are fully in line with my vision. The collective, the sporting values that are advocated there and that are part of a performance revealed by its history are all sources of motivation.

Contributing to his progress and that of his teams and for me a magnificent opportunity and an honor in a shared state of mind of respect, listening and benevolence.


  • 2011 Bachelor of Economic, Political and Social History
  • 2012 Research Master in Humanities and Social Sciences – Heritage
  • 2014 BTS (Associate Degree) Management
  • 2017 Red Cross Certification Aggression and stress management
  • 2020 Certification Mental preparation and professional performance

CoachPreparateur – Be Human, Make the Travel

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