Sarp Doğa Tezonarıcı

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager @ Rintch Academy – Norway

Passion for Sports since 1992

Born and raised inIstanbul Turkey, I started to play basketball when I was 8 years old in my primary school where I found my true inspiration.

I went to Law School and worked as a lawyer for almost 3 years until my love for sports tricked my mind and decided to into sports industry. After all, sports and particularly basketballis my passion, and I am thinking of it 24/7.
So, I enrolled in the Sports Management programat the University of Molde in Norway. At the same time, I worked for 2 years with the establishment of the local basketball club until I graduated with a master’s degree in the field of my heart.

More than anything, I always wanted to be involved in basketball in my professional career. Basically, I rather be proactive at work as a lifestyle than to sit in an office on a regular 9.00 – 17.00 jobfor the rest of my life.
Other than that, I can describe myself as a person who likes to read, research, learn and apply. Which is why I work now as aBusiness Development Manager at Rintch Basketball Academy in Norway where I can be on the field, worksocially when using my knowledge, creativity, and ideas for the academy.

I know the language of sports is one. For the future, I want to stay with sports and basketball wherever I go, help building up teams, improve, compete, and help society to understand equality and fairness through sports.