Olivier Jung

Country Manager - Belgium

Co Founder @ Rintch Basketball Academy – Belgium

Sport Addict and an Anonymous Finance and Management Geek:

Born and raised in Belgium, I discovered Sports since my younger age. Pretty hyperactive, I was always on the move! Before falling in love with Basketball, I played tennis for 14 years reaching somehow a good level.

At 12 years old, I discovered basketball and it became an obsession… It is all about practice, right?
Growing up and playing with my beloved team in Brussels till today, I studied accounting for 3 years and then I decided to follow a 2-year master’s degree in Sports Management in Paris.
I worked for several companies in Paris and finally got back in Brussels with the real willingness of doing something and following my passion.

What are my goals for the future?

I want to make a step in the Basketball sector by creating the first, and not last, local extension of the Rintch Basketball Academy in Norway. The main goal is to provide to the children a high level of development through multiples ways, such as high-quality training, support, consulting, education, and more.

Today, I am Business Development Executive in Belgium but tomorrow I wish to do the same somewhere else, being Internationally represented and helping everywhere in the World with the same passion of Basketball could be my purpose of life.