Laura D’agostino

Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager @ Rintch Academy

Born and raised in Italy, I grew up with a strong passion for sports and outdoor life.

As I’m passionate about marketing and content creation I got a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Social media management at the University of Urbino. While I was in the university I got to do an amazing exchange program in Madrid, at the Universidad Europea, in which I had the opportunity to expand my passion for photography.

After my graduation, I started my career in the marketing industry as a SEO copywriter and In 2019 I moved to Oslo where I started my career as a Digital marketer.

As a digital marketer and content creator, I made engaging content as photos, videos, and posts for social media and websites. I developed social media strategies to increase brand awareness and lead generation. I worked for several startups in different industries but I was always fascinated by the sport.

Why Rintch Basketball Academy?

I always thought that sport is more than an activity, it’s a representation of life. You learn how to fail, how to rise up and do something in a better way. When I saw Rintch and what they are doing I didn’t hesitate to contact them and join the project.

They not only care about the sport but they care about the person behind the player. My main objective is to spread Rintch Basketball Academy’s vision through digital marketing and engaging content.