Ivan Delfino

Marketing and Communication Manager

Marketing and Communication Manager @ Rintch Academy

Borned and raised in Argentina, I grew up in a basketball club and I take basketball as a lifestyle.

I was 5 years old when I had my first contact with basketball and it continues until now. I used to compete at a competitive level in Argentina, where I had the opportunity to participate in state teams and win championships. Thanks to basketball I lived great moments, I visited new cities travelling through the interior of Argentina and I also met many professionals from who I’ve learned many of my skills. Thanks to this life experience I discovered that I want to work in the sport industry.

As I am passionate about management and organization, I chose Industrial engineering as my base career and during it, I worked in the food and automotive industry for 7 years. It was a great experience but I always knew my passion and main objective: “Work in the sports industry”. That’s why I moved to Valencia, to study an MBA in sports management and during that period of time I worked for 6 months as a marketing and operation intern in a Basketball academy and I also worked in the marketing department for the Spanish Rugby League Association.

Why Rintch Basketball Academy?

I always thought that player development is the most important part of the basketball industry, and when I saw what Rintch and his team were doing, I didn’t hesitate to contact them and join the project.

My main objective is to expand Rintch Basketball Academy throughout the world, helping with the communications coordination of the different venues and developing a sustainable business model for the headquarters and its franchises.