Beilul “Bei” Teklu

Social Pedagogical Director

Social Pedagogical Director @ Rintch Basketball Academy – Norway

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work with children and youth, one way or the other. So, the decision to study Child Care and Welfare here in Norway to become a pedagogue was easy. During my studies I had the opportunity to do two semesters abroad to learn and experience. Social Work within different cultures and systems. I went to Amsterdam and Canada and had the time of my life! I did my placement in a small town in Canada, volunteering at a Youth Centre for at-risk youth. The NGO reminded me a lot of the recreational youth centres in Norway, which has been decreasing with time. It gave me the inspiration to write my thesis about the importance of having youth community centres/recreational centres for kids – how a lot of pedagogical, social, inclusive, and preventative work with youth can be accomplished here.

As for sports, I was never really into sports growing up – hence the importance of youth community centres for the non-athletic kids. But somehow at the age of 13, I was peer-pressured into joining a basketball team, and guess what? I loved it! I played and had fun for a couple of years, and eventually came across Rintch Basketball Academy where I joined one of the programs.

I have a broad experience with working with children and youth – from kindergartens and schools, to child welfare institutions and homes for children with disabilities. I also volunteered at a humanitarian help line in Norway for children up to 18 years old where they could anonymously reach out to talk and ask about whatever they needed to. It was really fulfilling to provide them with a resource like that, especially with topics around mental health!

Being a part of Rintch Basketball Academy I look forward to providing: resources, tools, support, and encouragement for the youths to learn and grow in a safe environment – personally, socially, and academically.