We work as consultants to orientate and help players from our academy program to find new opportunities abroad.

These players appearing on the pictures were signed after attending our activities especially being part of the Traveling Team that went to Rome in 2013.

After this experience, several of our young players are now subjected to receive similar options to play abroad.


Our consulting program is based in 4 steps:

  1. Informing : Our face to face consultation gives a general overview of the potential alternatives based on individual needs. After primary evaluation and screening, our client is presented a consulting agreement listing all parts of the process. Once the terms are accepted, our client will sign our consulting agreement to benefit the program.
  2. Guiding : Upon the signed agreement our client is given some useful contacts leads such as educational institutions (High Schools, Universities), club teams, clubs managers, certified FIBA agents, lawyers, coaches, etc. Also, the necessary communication assistance will be provided to insure the process.
  3. Following : Once our client is in the appropriate setting, a follow up will be done throughout the determined contract period.
  4. Review : A final evaluation will be provided to determine new/future potential alternatives.