Norway Fall Basketball Sessions 2016 – Fastest Improved Group


Here was our 20th camp since we started in the summer 2011, which brought players from all around Oslo from Monday 03/10/16 to Wednesday 05/10/16.

Gladly, Coach Dante Calzoni from Rome Italy gave us the honor to be our head coach again. Through his guidance, every player had the oTmpegenc Torrentpportunity to improve at their own pace. As always the importance of basketball fundamentals through repetitions was the core of this event.

Speaking of event, players registered for one of the 3 camps: Mini Basket, Next Gen and College Exposure. Each camp has its specific schedule and purpose.

Mini Basket Camp – From 08 to 11 years old, players could be initiated to fundamentals through games and plays. More importantly, emphasizing the technical abilities while having fun to bring the most result.

Next Gen Camp – From 12 to 17 years old, players went through multiple repetitions of fundamentals in different aspects offensively, defensively, individually, and in a team concept. Eventually, the hours spent on simple and specific drills brought immediate result.

College Exposure Camp – From 15 to 21 years old, players were invited to experiment more advanced drills involving fundamentals. In addition, they played some basketball games that went on streaming live which allow US College coaches to take a look and make contact.

As usual awards were distributed:

Next Gen Camp :

Most Valuable Player – Oscar Hellebust (2006) Ullern Basket

Technical Aptitude – Nojus Pujanauskas (2004) Ullern Basket

Best/Positive Attitude – Erik Tobias Heramb-Aamot (2005) Bygdøy Basket

Most Improved Player – Derryck Fano Nones (2002) Holmlia

College Exposure Camp :

Most Valuable Player – 6’5″ Guard Sigurd H. Sandal (2001) Holmlia Basket

Technical Aptitude – 6’4″ Forward Marcus Lillehagen (2001) Skjetten Basket

Best/Positive Attitude – 5’7″ Guard Selma N. Vangstein (2002) Kjelsås Basket

Most Improved Player – 6’7″ Forward Erik Borg (2001) Holmlia Basket

Certainly, as always we made eset nod32 antivirus 11 key 2020 some suggestions to both players and their parents. Considering the educative setting, players most definitely improved basketball wise but more importantly became better person.

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