1. Contracting parties

These general terms and conditions apply between v / Ikotela Promoting Basketball ENK (org. No. 997 305 515) Hvamstubben 14, 2013 Skjetten, (” Rintch “) and the person who is registered as a customer (“the Customer “) according to agreement on ordered basketball services (the ” Agreement “).

2. The basketball service and fitness equipment

The terms apply to Rintch’s delivery of basketball services, which are offered at all times on Rintch’s website on the internet: . The services offered are:

  • Individual personal training: 12 training sessions (1 hour each) that must be used within 6 months
  • Group training (4 – 6 people): 12 training sessions (1 hour each) that must be used within 6 months
  • Rintch Akademiet Nydalen VGS Program: Program in collaboration with Nydalen VGS where participants train 3 times per week during the school year. In addition, participants will be automatically registered for the Rintch Basketball Camp which will be held in the current school year.
  • After-school program: 8 training sessions (45 minutes each) that must be used within 2 months
  • 1 year training program: The program runs over 12 months with monthly invoicing.
  • 6 month training program: The program runs over 6 months with monthly invoicing.
  • 4 month training program: The program runs over 4 months with monthly invoicing.
  • Rintch Basketball Camp: Short-term and intense camp with a maximum of 40 participants.
  • International basketball team: Annual international trip that includes training and friendly matches at the destination.

Participants are required to use Rintch’s training equipment and uniform for each training session, and otherwise where required. Mandatory training clothes are ordered on the website as the Agreement is entered into, which is in addition to the price for the agreed basketball services.

Price and other specific terms for the relevant services, appear from our website and from the e-mail confirmation that the Customer will receive after the basketball service has been ordered on the website. The customer is encouraged to read through all terms carefully.

3. The customer's duty to provide information etc.

The Customer shall provide the full name, social security number and address (” Personal Information “) when entering into the Agreement. It is an absolute condition that the Customer has reached the age of 18 at the time of entering into the Agreement. If the customer is under 18 years of age at the time of the agreement, the Agreement must be entered into by the Customer’s guardian / guardian, who will thus be responsible for the Customer’s obligations under the Agreement.

The Customer may not assign the Agreement to others without the express prior consent of Rintch.

4. Agreement Duration

The agreement is binding according to the duration of the individual service. If the Agreement, for example, applies to 1 year / 6 months / 4 months training program, the Customer will be bound and liable for payment for the entire period from the time the Agreement is entered into, with the exception of special cancellation rules which appear on the website for the individual services. The customer will still be able to cancel the purchase in accordance with the right of withdrawal rules (see below under point 5).

The agreement can be terminated with 14 days’ written notice if a party has materially breached it. Failure to pay beyond 14 days is always considered a material default. In the event of such a material breach, Rintch may deny the Customer access to the agreed services, without notice and until payment is made, as well as in the event of permanent termination.

5. Delivery of basketball services and right of withdrawal

Delivery of the agreed basketball services takes place to consumers according to the Consumer Purchase Act and the Right of Withdrawal Act, and this agreement does not restrict consumers’ rights under the said laws or other preceptory legislation. For corporate customers, delivery takes place according to Sale of Goods Act.

If the Customer discovers a defect in the Agreement, a complaint must be made as soon as possible and within a reasonable time after the error was discovered. The right of complaint for consumers is in addition to the right of withdrawal 14 days after the Agreement has been entered into. Upon entering into the Agreement, the Customer will receive confirmation of the Agreement by e-mail, with information on the right of withdrawal and the right of withdrawal form in consumer relations attached.

If the Customer uses the ordered basketball services before the expiry of the right of withdrawal, for example by attending organized basketball training or similar activity in accordance with the Agreement, the Customer has hereby expressly requested the start of the service. This means that Rintch will be able to demand that the Customer covers reasonable costs for using the service in the period until the right of withdrawal was used and any distributed equipment / material is returned, if the Customer should nevertheless exercise the right of withdrawal.

6. Payment

The price for the basketball services covered by the Agreement is stated on the website together with other specific terms for the basketball services that are ordered, as well as in the e-mail confirmation that is sent to the Customer after a binding order has been made.

Rintch invoices the Customer in advance in accordance with the prices stated in the Agreement. If the Customer believes that there is an error in the invoice, the Customer must complain to Rintch within the due date, and if this is not possible within a reasonable time.

Rintch has the right to credit the Customer.

7. Canceled training, absence and liability in case of injury or theft

If basketball training or another ordered activity is canceled, the Customer has the right to receive a new such activity at the first available opportunity. A new time is set as soon as possible and the Customer is informed by e-mail or SMS. The customer accepts the use of electronic communication for setting training dates, including e.g. SMS, and is responsible for attending the relevant activity after such notice has been given.

If the Customer does not have the opportunity to attend a basketball activity in accordance with the Agreement, the Customer must notify Rintch as soon as possible before the activity begins with reasons why the Customer cannot attend. For special cases (eg doctor’s certificate, bedridden illness, or special examination case), the relevant activity can be repeated by the Customer at a later date. In the event of unannounced absence, the relevant basketball activity cannot be repeated in all cases.

There may be special conditions for absence for the individual basketball service and the Customer is encouraged to read the specific conditions for the desired service carefully. For 1 year / 6 months / 4 months training program, the Customer’s participation will be important in order to be able to hold an organized basketball activity of high quality for all registered participants. The absence of the Customer may therefore lead to a weakening of the organized activity as a whole and the Customer acknowledges that the person’s participation is essential for both their own and the other participants’ learning and development. The customer’s absence without special justification as mentioned above, therefore entails an increase in the membership fee of NOK 150 per absence, unless otherwise agreed with Rintch. The increase will appear on next month’s invoice.

Rintch is not responsible for any damage or theft that occurs during our activities. We therefore encourage the Customer to take out their own insurance that covers damage and the like.

8. Personal Information

Upon entering into the Agreement, the Customer agrees that Personal Information is collected and stored by Rintch, to the extent necessary to deliver the agreed basketball services in accordance with Agreement. Rintch shall process all information / personal information received or obtained about the Customer in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. The customer agrees to the disclosure of Personal Information that is necessary to provide the agreed services, for example when booking travel, when registering players for matches, etc.

The Customer may at any time access which Personal Information is stored about the Customer by written inquiry by letter or e-mail to . Rintch will delete stored Personal Information which is no longer necessary to fulfill services in accordance with the Agreement and which is not subject to storage under Norwegian law.

9. Responsibility

Rintch is not responsible if the relevant basketball services under the Agreement are not possible to implement due to the following conditions:

  1. Conditions that Rintch reimburses are due to circumstances or events beyond Rintch’s control
  2. Closed gyms due to necessary maintenance, which must be carried out as quickly as practically possible
  3. Strike, natural disaster or other force majeure event
  4. Orders from public authorities that Rintch could not foresee at the time of the agreement

In such cases, Rintch will try to organize a new basketball activity, but will only be obliged to arrange a new activity where Rintch itself is responsible for the cancellation. In the event of cancellation, the customer is not entitled to a refund of payment in accordance with The agreement, unless the cancellation is due to circumstances Rintch could be responsible for and new basketball activity is not organized within a reasonable time after the cancellation.

10. Disputes

Disputes concerning the Agreement are dealt with by the Oslo District Court.

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