Fall Sessions 2021


Here below is a RINTCH ACADEMY Video Playlist including 7 samples:

Ball Handling, Finishing Drills, Foot Work, Shooting Technic, Medicine Ball Drills, Strength & Conditioning. Please click on the screen upper right side to choose your video.

Quick Facts:

  • Event Dates: 01/10/21
  • Registration Deadline:  Sunday 22/07/19!!
  • Location: Bygdøyhus. Address: Huk Avenue 45, 0287 Oslo. Easily accessible with bus #30 from Jernbanetorget (Central Station), Råduhusplassen & Solli plass. It’s also located near a pleasant popular beach.
  • Offers: Mini Basket, Next Gen & College Exposure Camp led by international professional coaches from abroad.
  • Mini Basket Camp: From 08 to 11 years old, basketball instructions given by basketball fundamental initiation specialists.
  • Next Gen Camp: From 12-17 years old, players from all levels can register on the Registration Form below.
  • College Exposure Camp: From 14-20 years old, players from all levels can register to the One on One Training Sessions. Please Sent Players Request via info@rintch.com Registrations Deadline is 22/07/19!!
  • Package: Each player receives a reversible jersey or t-shirt.
  • Prices: Mini Basket NOK 1550,- Next Gen Camp NOK 1750,- College Exposure Camp NOK 1950,- From 15/07/19 Registrations fees are Non Refundable without exceptions!!
  • Payments: All registration fees are prepaid over Paypal system including Paypal rating fees (3,4% + Kr 2,8) or to account 9861 05 45203 Please send us a screenshot of the payment.
  • Reimbursements: From 15/07/19 Registrations Fees are Non Refundable without exceptions!!
  • Housing Info: Norway International Summer Basketball Festival 2015 Housing

Our International Camp includes 3 categories:

Mini Basket:

From 10:30 to 15:00, players from 8 to 11 years old are taken into games and drills from initiation to basic fundamentals.